Food and Switzerland

One of the most obvious ways to experience the culture of a new travel destination is through its food. And Geneva is no exception. Boasting 7 Michelin-starred restaurants and many smaller cafes and shops, Geneva is a good place to go if you are hungry for all kinds of cuisine. But if you feel like staying at home and cooking, there are lots of grocery stores around the city with good food as well

The key to food in Geneva: it is expensive, both from the grocery store as well as at restaurants. Meat and produce are pricey, as are necessities like cooking oil. Restaurants are no different – expect to pay at least 10 francs for lunch, if not more.

You know what is cheap and delicious? Fresh baguettes, cheeses, and wine.

Here are a few great restaurants that I recommend if you have the time for a good meal

Auberge de Savise: Classic Swiss place on Rue de Paquis with fondue and raclette. Very fun experience for a meal!

Hotel L’Armures: Steak tartar was out of this world good. They add horseradish to theirs for a little kick with a sweet finish. However, the lemon sorbet with champagne was phenomenal: small hints of lemon zest in the sorbet gave it the taste of real lemons and the base was sour, not sweet. Perfect end to a great meal.


Mmmm steak tartar


Holy Cow: Small chain of burger restaurants around Geneva and Zurich. There’s a location near Gare Coravin. Tasty gourmet hamburgers with lots of awesome combos. The avocado bacon and gruyere burger was yummy.

Ali Baba: Middle Eastern sandwiches and kebabs. Reasonably priced (10-15 francs) and you get A LOT of food. Favorite of many other students too.